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Victoria Hilbrecht Kunst

Victoria Hilbrecht

"With my art I want to create opportunities to achieve self-realization as a goal in life."

Art in the Heart: The overwhelming Story of Victoria Hilbrecht

Welcome to my creative universe! My name is Victoria Hilbrecht. I saw the light of day in 1991 in picturesque Xinjiang, China. My journey as an artist began in my earliest years. As a kindergarten child, I began to express my creative streak through comics and artwork. The local newspapers and magazines were the first to notice my talent and published this for my validation as an aspiring artist.

During my school years in China, I discovered the fascinating world of Japanese manga and anime. My passion for this art form led me to numerous awards and honorable mentions in my home country. Step by step, I nurtured my dream of becoming an artist.


Later, I began my studies in interior and landscape design. Here, not only was my understanding of traditional art broadened, but the world of digital art opened up to me. My hunger for knowledge drove me, at the same time I acquired language certificates in English and German to continue my artistic journey in foreign countries.


Germany became my new home. Here I wanted to find the freedom and self-determination to realize my artistic visions. I have been proudly living in Cologne since 2014 and already in 2018 I obtained German citizenship.

In the midst of all these changes, I was confronted with an unknown illness that severely limited me in my daily life. Pain and uncertainty accompanied me on my journey, which required a number of visits to the doctor and even several surgical procedures.

Art, however, was my salvation. It was always my refuge, even in the darkest of times. In 2020, I began experimenting with alcohol inks and found in them a new form of hope. The delicate lines and vivid textures in these works gave me an irrepressible motivation and awakened in me the desire for more.

It was not until early 2022, after numerous medical examinations, that I finally received a diagnosis of autoimmune disease. A new therapy brought relief, and I began to live pain-free in early 2023.


Today I run a small manufactory where I make and sell handmade watercolor paints. This craft is my lifeline, which inspires me day after day. I operate the handmade watercolor paint manufactory under the registered brand name VHaquarell. Additionally, I shared my knowledge for over 3 years teaching creative classes at community colleges during that time.

My story is a testament that hope and determination can prevail even in the darkest moments. I want my art and experiences to serve as a source of inspiration to others. May my story be an echo of hope and strength, and may it reach all those who believe in their dreams.

In the diversity of art and humanity, I invite you to become part of my creative adventure.

Victoria Hilbrecht Kunst

“In my understanding, freedom should always be an integral part of modern art. Borders should not be a regular feature in this area. An innovative way of working, like mine, with a wide variety of materials promotes new approaches, perspectives and a completely new development of potential. "


“Belief in the power of nature has always generated a strong inspiration and sensitivity in me. Art should make a valuable contribution to the fact that we treat ourselves and the environment more carefully. I consider it invaluable to create artistic wealth for people and future generations through my work. "


“Creating art is a process of self-realization and self-reflection is the key to success, I believe. With all determination and enthusiasm, we should never lose ourselves. I consider the pursuit of self-realization to be a true goal in life. "


“Freedom in art is very important to me because it offers unlimited possibilities. Thoughts should never be restricted in creating art. The uncompromising and free expression in my works of art reveals to the viewer a feeling of boundlessness. "



Victoria Hilbrecht is a visual artist with an extraordinary career who originated in the People's Republic of China. From a very early age she lived her urge to create art intensely. The passion led to a university degree in interior and landscape design. In order to realize her dream as an artist, Victoria learned German and English and traveled to Germany in 2014. The pursuit of happiness, freedom and artistic self-realization form the cornerstone of her success.


With her art, Victoria connects her joy of discovery and the constant striving to overcome boundaries. The details in her pictures, the invaluable color combinations and curves invite the viewer to reflect. Her art always reminds us that we should question ourselves and recognize new potentials for ourselves in order to fulfill our lives through self-realization.


Victoria Hilbrecht was born in 1991 in the Uyghur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang in the northwest of the People's Republic of China.

Victoria Hilbrecht Kunst
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